Bonnie Barrow

A native to North Carolina, Bonnie is grateful and honored to share her tools of Classical 5 Element Chinese Medicine healing modalities of Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Tui Na and Gua Sha to people of all ages.

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“In a world where verbal hyperbole is now the norm, I find it very difficult to give Bonnie Barrow her full due.   How to express the level of care I’ve received, and the results achieved without sounding like a person who only knows superlatives?

Here’s a true anecdote.  I began treatments with Bonnie to address a short list of complaints.  Each session with Bonnie led to levels of relief from lessening discomfort to complete release from pain.  As a born cynic, I still had some doubts.  Then I noticed the healing of a problem I had not even thought to address through acupuncture.  Recurring eczema that I’d had on my hands and arms for years began to heal.  And heal.  And completely disappear.  By working with Bonnie to get my energy and body within balance, my immune system provided visible proof that it was now working much more efficiently.  Doubts gone.

Five Element Acupuncture is difficult to describe, elusive and a valid ancient mode of wholistic health care.  Bonnie Barrow is a talented, insightful and compassionate practitioner. She “hears” her patients and can translate symptoms into clues of what and where to treat. She is patient, kind and very thoughtful.  And she’s fun to be around.  Just sayin’.”

Eileen Gunipero, Pittsboro NC

“I started with Bonnie a year ago.  I was curious about acupuncture but too scared to try it.  Bonnie was able to answer all my questions, she was very patient and kind.  I was not convinced that I would be able to notice any difference.  Bonnie would ask how I was feeling, and my answer was okay I guess, not sure how to answer her question.  I noticed subtle changes and I became more aware of those changes.

I was seeing a chiropractor every 2-3 weeks, getting massage therapy, and still hurting with no answers from medical doctors. Lose weight, eat healthier, try these pills, were the answers I was getting.

Bonnie suggested that I give acupuncture a try. She was convinced that she could help me feel better.  Bonnie is so calm and reassuring that my fears subsided.  I no longer have the joint pain that I did before acupuncture.  She was able to help me with a severe sinus infection.

Through this process I can acknowledge that I have seasonal mood changes. I never knew this was what was happening before.  Acupuncture still alludes me.  Bonnie and I laugh that I am still her biggest skeptic and I look forward to seeing her at every appointment.  It has been an adventure learning to read my body.  Bonnie takes her time and talks you through the whole process. You cannot go wrong with her as your acupuncturist.”

Jennifer - Pittsboro NC


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